Kelin the Jade


Name: Kelin the Jade
Level: 3

Sharp Eyes
Styled Hair
Stylish Robes

Str 11 (+0)
Dex 12 (+0)
Con 12 (+0)
Int 18 (+3)
Wis 12 (+0)
Cha 14 (+1)

Hp: 16
Base Damage: d4

Unseen Servant
Detect Magic
Magic Missile
Cure Light Wounds
Dispel Magic

Advanced Moves
Empowered Magic
Fount of Knowledge

Load: 18

Spellbook, Dungeon Rations, Bag of Books, 3 Antitoxins, 3 Healing Potions

Jean Reynard is keeping an important secret from me.

Experience: 8


The son of Bancroft the Black Kelin was taken to the storm plagued island known as Dagger Rock shortly after his birth. He was entrusted to the wizards he resided there at the behest of Alphonse Reynard who feared for the boy’s future if he remained with Bancroft. Uldric the Ivory and Elana Serin raised him as their own child, never telling him how he had come to them.

Lacking the same magical bloodline as his adopted siblings he often became frustrated with his education in the magical arts. While Uldric saw to his education in the magical arts he was tutored in other subjects by a collection of highly paid tutors. Ronderal an elven scholar was brought to the island to instruct him in the ancient language of the elves at Uldric’s insistance.

For his part Kelin devoted himself fully to his studies and strived to please his family. He had no thoughts towards leaving Dagger Rock until Uldric was murdered. Now he has set out to avenge Uldric and prove himself a true wizard.

Kelin the Jade

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