Dungeon World Chronicles

An Accounting of Deeds

Kelin and Jean arrived in Roseway following a trail of rumors and stories that told of a hidden arcane library in the legendary House of Thorns. Upon their arrival they decided to seek out a reputable scholar or guide with knowledge of the region in the Blue Rose. After a brief meeting they hired a silvered haired tattooed elf named Lessia who seemed to know a great deal about their destination. Before setting out on their journey Jean ventured into Roseway to gather supplies while Kelin studied his spellbooks and prepared for the next day.

They met with Lessia at the south gate and set out through the forest towards the House of Thorns. On their way through the forest they encountered a ferocious razor boar that attacked them. The trio managed to slay the beast but Jean was injured during the battle protecting Kelin from the boars fury. The wizard tried to heal her with magic but failed to do so and gave her a healing potion instead. They settled in the clearing to recover and roast the boar.

After resting Lessia guided them the rest of the way to the House of Thorns and revealed a hidden passage inside. The passage was hidden within a garden that had been put in place to honor Elonen Lortur, a fallen hero of the ancient elves. Leaving Lessia outside Kelin and Jean entered the passage arriving in a hub that branched off into five passages.

The first passage lead them to the tomb of Elonen’s widow, and Jean uncovered a hidden chamber within the tomb when she opened the widow’s coffin. This proved to be the very library that they had been searching for.

Pressing on they investigated a second passage, this time finding themselves in the tomb of Elonen Lortur himself. When Jean opened Lortur’s coffin however no hidden chamber was revelaed, onyl the bones of the dead elf along with his sword and shield. Statues guarding the tomb attacked them, and Kelin’s inexperience nearly cost him his life in the battle that ensued. However the knight of Whitehall proved her skill and valor as she felled both of the foes single handedly.

Returning to the surface they reunited with Lessia and the three of them looted the arcane library. While they were collecting the books they uncovered another hidden room, but the presence of odd footprints suggested that something dangerous lay in wait for them so they abandoned the search. They returned to Roseway and spent the night in the Blue Rose.

Waking in their beds the next day they heard a din coming from downstairs suggesting that stories of their exploits had already spread. They crept out of the inn and went in search of a buyer for the treasures they’d acquired.

First they visited Wellmore Manor, the home of Eve Wellmore, a wealthy collector of rare books. After some skillful negotiating on Kelin’s part they sold the books to Eve for one thousnad pieces of gold with the promise that Kelin would translate the books for Eve as well.

Next they visited Roseway Manor hoping to add Elonen’s sword and shield to the collection of artifcats on display there. Finding a sizable crowd in their path they convinved a guard to take them to the appraiser,Damon, who verified the authenticity of the artifacts at once. Damon brought them before Lord FOntaine who offered them riches, lands, and titles as a reward for their deeads. Kelin asked that he be granted some information about the identity of his father’s killer instead.

Lord Fontaine revealed that at the time of Ulric’s death an artifact in his collection know as the beacon had awoken. The beacon was said to detect necromancy and other dark magics. Kelin was allowed to study the beacon and he realized that he could use it to lead him to the source of the magic that it had detected.

Completing the ritual the beacon pointed north towards Mount Therom, and left the young wizrad eager to set off in search of the dark sorcerer who’d awoken it. They went to the Blue Rose to divide their spoiles with Lessia, but they argued over whether or not they should journey to the mountain. Ultimately in a heated moment, Jean revealed that Kelin’s true father is Belin the Black. The two companions came to blows, but the young wizard was no match for Jean, she cut his staff into pieces without any effort.

Before Kelin could come to terms with this revelation they realized that Lessia had made off with half of their gold. A speedy chase followed culminating in a battle between Kelin, Jean, and Lessia. Their former elven ally managed to stab Jean with a poisoned dart and Kelin was left beaten and bloodied in the street. Struggling to fight of the effects of the poison Jean pursued Lessia intent on ending the elf’s life.


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